PHP Switch 1.0 win32 for XAMPP

  Current in THIS XAMPP is PHP 5.2.6  
  What make the PHP switch?
The apachefriends PHP Switch for XAMPP switching between the PHP version 4 to version 5 AND (!) back. So you can test your scripts with PHP 4 or PHP 5.

  Where is the PHP Switch?
PHP Switch for XAMPP will execute a PHP file (XAMPP install folder) with the name "php-switch.php". You should use this batch file for executing:

=> C:\xampp\php-switch.bat <=

  What can be difficult?
PHP Switch will not change your PHP version, when a) the Apache HTTPD is running or/and b) the ".phpversion" file in the install folder is vacant or have a bug. In the ".phpversion", there was written the XAMPP current main PHP version number like "4" or "5". Please beginn with a "shutdown" for the Apache HTTPD and THEN execute the "php-switch.bat".

  After That! Where are my (old) config files?

For PHP 4:

For PHP 5:

  What is with changes in my config files?

There lives! For PHP4 or PHP5 in the

.. secured for PHP4 ...

.. secured for PHP5 ...

And these files are going back with the PHP switching!!

  My PHP is okay AND i will NOT a "switch" !!!
Super! Then forget this here ... ;-)

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